Occlusion traning

leads to increased

muscle growth


Occlusion training originates from Japan and is known as ‘Kaatsu’. The principle of occlusion is to restrict the blood flow to the muscles, which causes an accumulation of blood in the muscles.


Countless research results from all over the world show that occlusion training increases muscle growth and at the same time reduces the tensions on joints and tendons because of the light weights used when training with occlusion bands.


When training with occlusion bands, they must be tightening on either your arms or legs (watch training instructions and video). Occlusion training is based on lighter weights than normal and a higher amount of repetitions causing the blood to accumulate which increases your metabolism and releases a larger amount of growth hormones.


Occlusion bands for weightlifting

Make the most of your time

in the gym

Most of us use hours at the gym working intensely and lifting heavy weights – but are you using your time efficiently? With occlusion bands from Okklu.com you can challenge your exercise routines while achieving increased muscle growth at a minor strain and a more efficient time span. A large number of international studies have documented the effect of occlusion and with occlusion training bands from Okklu – you can experience the same results.


Break you 1RM
Increase your muscle mass 5-10%
Boost your strength and metabolism

Occlusion bands for working out at home

Experience the effects of occlusion whilst training at home

Training in your home has never been more effective than with occlusion bands. In just 15 minutes you can complete an efficient, hard and exciting workout. With occlusion bands from Okklu.com there are no excuses for not having enough time to complete a workout. The programs can be individually adapted and with the weekly training program, we ensure that you achieve the ideal results.



Work out when you have time – anywhere and anytime
Customize your workout for a busy day
Get results faster with lighter weights

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