What is occlusion training?

In short, the exercise method ‘occlusion’ is about restricting the blood flow to the muscles. This allows for high muscle growth with lighter weights.


The method is based on tightening occlusion bands on either your arms or legs.
Occlusion training calls for numerous repetitions which
releases a large amount of growth hormone.


Occlusion training increases the activation of white muscle fibers, as scientifically proven, has greater potential for growth than red muscle fibers.

Benefits from occlusion training

  • Occlusion training increases muscle growth.
  • Occlusion training reduces the risk of injury to joints and tendons because of light weight training.
  • Ideal for rehabilitation after a period of injury due to the low load. Increased growth of small blood vessels in the muscles, which means better nutrition.
  • Occlusion training provides better working conditions for enzymes that degrade on microscopic blood clots.